Transportation for the Shop 

A. Transportation in Phnom Penh+ Small Packaging Goods: 

ü We can use many delivery company which is fast and responsible.
ü Price: from 0.8-1.25$/transport
ü Time: it’s available for within a day delivery if the goods are ready for deliver before 11:30 AM or lunch time. If goods are sent in the afternoon, the goods can be delivered until tomorrow morning
ü For fast response service, we will use the motor dub, freelance transporter, However, the cost will be higher depending on the location starting from 1$ to 5$. B. Transportation in Phnom Penh

+ Medium to Big Packaging Goods: Size or from 10 Kg
ü We can Tuk Tuk or motor dub which is fast service
ü Price from 1.5-5$ depend on location and size of goods
ü Time: any time except lunch time and from 5:40 pm on ward
ü It’s recommend to send goods before 4:30 pm as we need proper time to manage the goods before sending 

C. Transportation outside of Phnom Penh
+ Small Packaging Goods: 
ü We can use the bus or transportation company like o  Kerry Expresso  Vireak Buntham, Capitolo   J & T Expresso  Huot Rithy expresso  Taxi car
ü Price starting from 1.25$ depend on the size of goods
ü Time: the goods will be sent twice per day from our shop. From 11-12:30 in the morning, and from 4:30-5:30 pm in the evening 

+ Medium to Big Packaging Goods: size from 30 Kg.
ü We can use the bus or transportationo  Rith Monyo  Big Truck, KAMAS, Nissan/truck for goods deliveryo  Soriya bus     
ü Price starting from 1.5$ depend on the size of goods. The average price is 5$.
ü Time: the goods can be sent only in the evening before 5:30. 

Therefore, order need to be made before 4:00pm and then, we have enough time to prepare goods before delivery.